Become an OceanTokes
Brand Ambassador
 We treat our Reps to:
Free merchandise
Social shout outs and reposts
Features in OceanTokes blog articles
& so much more.

What do Reps do?
Our brand ambassador program is designed to help us make waves across new social groups and beautify our image with awesome photos and content.  

In other words, we send our reps great free products in exchange for sharing our brand on social media.
It's really, really easy.
To become an OceanTokes Brand Ambassador
All of our reps, no matter how many friends or followers you have, start at the beginning.  Step by step, you'll become an official brand ambassador and earn lots of free merchandise.

1. Join the Fam
Get a Rep Code, Share Some Pics
First things first. Your exclusive rep code gives 15% off everything in our store at  Share it with the world. 

Feel free to repost our Instagram and Facebook pictures to entice your friends and followers.
2. Get the Goods
Earn free Merch every time your rep code gets used
First order with your rep code: Free OceanTokes Mermaid Sticker
3 orders with your rep code: Free OceanTokes Starter Kit
6 orders with your rep code: Free OceanTokes Mermaid Package
10 orders with your rep code: Free OceanTokes Treasure Box
Let's Get Started
Start earning now. It's totally free.

Who are you? :)

What is your best email address for contacting you about your application?

What social accounts will you use to promote OceanTokes?

What is your desired rep code? (you will share this 15% off code with the world)

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